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NHK ni Youkouso ended…NOOO!
December 26, 2006, 7:19 pm
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And that’s all…NHK ni Youkouso ended on episode 24 barely a few days ago. Strangely enough, this would be the first time I followed a series actively from the start to the end.

NOOOO! Without a Satou Tatsuhiro around to laugh at I’m going to feel lousy!

OK, fine, I won’t because I’m confident enough about myself…

It is, though, quite interesting the way NHK chose to develop it’s characters. It’s worth talking about a little here while I stave off post-final episode anxiety. Unlike most other anime, there was not one character emotionally strong and stable. Not a single one.

Many would argue that Misaki was the strong one because of her role in picking up Satou’s low down spirits. Sure, she did that for most of the series, but she broke down not just spectacularly in at the end, but here and there, her facade faded somewhat too. Like when she went to rescue Satou from the suicide party.

And Satou is a Very interesting main character. It’s not exactly uncommon to have main characters who are dug out from the trash bin to save the world, but having one who wallows in the dirt throughout almost the whole series is quite rare. Not to mention that Satou’s antics are really funny. They made NHK into a show revolving around a clown, except from a social standpoint.

Yes, secondary characters. Basically this group comprises Yamazaki, Hitomi/Senpai, and Iincyo (Satou’s ex-class president). All of them actually develop in tandem, not exactly at the same time, but along the same lines. It’s not evident from the start because while they can be featured together, the show develops them seperately. Simply put, while Yamazaki stars in episodes about the Pyramid Scheme, he’s not truly being developed and brought out the way Iincyo is.
While they make for a good show, they aren’t the main deal. The three of them are simply a house of cards built around Satou. Strange, eh? Three sufferers of social problems depend upon a fourth, worse guy to bring out their best…OMG! It’s almost as if the show is espousing the philosophy of people looking down on others for self-confidence…

So just how important was Satou to the whole show then? Pretty much everything seems to revolve around him now. Even his household items speaking to him is simply his inner mind finding itself a method of manifesting itself.
Now…FOR A CENTRAL CHARACTER, HE DEVELOPED FRIGGIN SLOWLY! It actually came to a point where I considered it possible for the show to end with Satou remaining a hikki for life, lol. Sure, he could go places by himself every now and then, but he still fails miserably at feeling at ease in society. Only when he had absolutely no choice but to change for the better did he do so. Come to think of it, most of us are like that…

Ok, feeling a little better. Thankfully, NHK ni Youkouso ended off very well. I don’t feel as upset that it ended as some other shows make me feel. Why? Perhaps it’s in the simple details, but NHK really doesn’t need to end off spectacularly. It’s main strength lies in the fact that it portrays absolute, normal reality, even if from a fringe, extreme end of society. As a result, it doesn’t need to tie up as many ends since people aren’t going to need big imaginations to tie them up themselves. What happens next isn’t somewhat we need to slog to figure out.

I suppose that rounds off a spectacular series. I ❤ GONZO for making this! Will write up a review sooner or later.


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