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Date confirmed
December 27, 2006, 8:38 pm
Filed under: Figurines

Yes, It should be safe to say it now. The new date for Urban Attic’s clearance sale is on 31st December, New Year’s Eve. The price range is between $10 to $180. However, $180 is because of the four sets of Space Battleship Yamato on sale, so for all practical purposes, it’s $10 to $50. Yes, there will be limited edition stuff on sale as well…There certainly was alot of Black Kasumis…

Happy shopping, guys, it’s a good way to spend your money time on the last day of the year. Now I’ve got to try remember exactly what I want out of all the stuff I unpacked… I WANT TESSA!!!

 In other news, KKnM is also having a sale. 50% off. I’m not so sure about the details on that one though. Supposedly it’s also on this weekend or something…hmm, bad timing…


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Do you know that almost all the Black Kasumis on the market are fake? Including those at urban. Real ones go for triple digits easily.

Comment by tj han

OOH! Never knew that…That’s alot of fake goods, I see…

Comment by rdrake

KKnM’s discount is on Sat & Sun …
THey having a closed shop for their Club KKnM on Friday

Comment by alafista

I hope there are things that I want there. Hope to see you there. Wear a sign! Weiye was telling me that “rdrake is a young boy.”

Where’s that printout coupon that lets you cut queue.

Comment by TedFox

Young boy but looks 20 =__=

*does the why-are-you-so-tall gripe again*

Comment by umehiko

@Alafista: I see. Will check my schedule then.

@Tedfox:…Wear a sign…like DarkMirage? Oh, no coupon because Umehiko talked Weiye out of it.

@Umehiko: Hey, it’s not my fault…+_+

Comment by rdrake

hmm maybe after going to UA can go KKnM.. shopping spree but too bad i’m not a member of KKnM

Comment by jinyamato

@jinyamato: Neither am I, actually…

Comment by rdrake

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