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Gaia nuked my net!
December 29, 2006, 1:51 am
Filed under: Figurines, General Schtuff

ARRRRGGHH!!! First we get floods and monsoon rains that keep us at home. Then now earthquake in Taiwan kills the internet, leaving nothing to do at home.

I figured out the problem. Those of you Singaporeans out there reading this are most likely Starhub users. We Singnet users are still down…THAT’S IT! When I get my own computer, I’m suscribing to Starhub.

Ok, since my primary computer is down, I might not be able to do much online. Including posting here. Now that’s a bitch, especially since school starts in less than a week. I have no choice but to link out whatever I have to say…lol, outsourcing…

List of Urban Attic clearance sale items: Tsubaki, tj_han …Truthfully, I don’t have a list of my own. Maybe because I memorised all that I wanted long ago and never bothered Weiye for a copy of the list.

Weiye also promised Umehiko and I first pick off all the stuff…hmmm, I guess it not only pays to be a friendly, regular customer of his, but one who helps out with pre-sale preparations as well…

Also, Tedfox wants me to wear a sign so he can recognise me…Fine, I can do that much. Just so long as no one expects a professional looking custom T-shirt like DarkMirage has. Most likely I’ll have a piece of paper stuck to my back/bagor something.
What will it say? Let’s see…red and blue colouring at the borders for easy recognition. Words in black,…Ok, this place’s initial. R.A.R…that doesn’t sound cool enough…What if…
R.A.W.R. I’ll have to find a word for the W, but this works, doesn’t it?


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really??? now we can all spot you out

Comment by jinyamato

Bloggers gathering @ Urban Attic

Comment by TedFox

😦 if I go, I’ll be poorer. I’ll look out for you guys if i go, but i’ll be intimidated! Noes!!

Comment by elohir

@jinyamato: Actually, if you don’t come too late, I’ll probably be helping out, so shouldn’t be hard to find me.

@TedFox: No joke…Who can resist, after all…

@elohir: Don’t worry bout being intimidated. It’ll be the first time I’m meeting you guys too.

Comment by rdrake

i will be camping there

Comment by jinyamato

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