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New Year’s Eve is crazy
January 1, 2007, 12:34 pm
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I started off waking up and going straight to Funan for Urban Attic’s crazy discount sale. I think I managed to reach there just at 10.30. Just in time to learn a lesson in life and economics. SINGAPOREANS ARE DAMN CHEAPSKATE!!! The shop opens at 11.30. And I see people queing up at 10.30. Hello! The rest of Funan is barely awake, and you’re queing up…

Well, DarkMirage was there, wearing his ‘I am DarkMirage’ shirt again. So was LianYL. Anyway, Weiye told the queing people to line up (yes, they weren’t exactly queing, they were just hanging around. But then, with no other shops open yet…) and brought us out to breakfast at Burger King. After returning to the shop, we waited some more for tj_han to take a taxi all the way from Bukit Timah because his new alarm clock has no snooze button and he woke up the same time I reached UA.

At roughly 11.30 ++, the sale finally started (without tj_han) and the first batch of customers stepped in. While DM and umhiko went off to hand out leaflets (tj_han has something interesting to say about this), I stayed behind and acted as the bouncer. Yup, I was the guy standing at the door, letting people in five at a time only.

Having seen the prices go up on a couple of the figures I had initially wanted (Nooo, the Lain and Tessa went up by $20 altogether), I stopped being proactive in reserving them. Big loss. Somebody grabbed them while I wasn’t looking. Some people also snapped up the two 1/6 Chidoris by Atelier Sai. I initially wanted that too, but it was probably the limited edition sticker doing the talking. I admit the translucent parts make her look fugly.

Halfway through the sale, people like Tsubaki and tj_han came along. Somehow everyone know who I am. Okayy…Alot of time spent talking cock while customers crawled the floor in search of good deals.

Anyway, the crowd finally petered out around 1.30 or so, and I finally got the chance to buy my own figures. First off, I got the 1/6 Black Tessa by Atelier Sai (which I had to buy halfway through the sale in fear of it being snatched by someone). Of the remaining stuff on the floor, there simply wasn’t much good stuff left nor anything I particualarly wanted. In the end, I took the 1/8 Nerine by Atelier Sai, Canvas 2’s Sumire Misaki by Toy Planning and something called Tenshino Onnako by Clayz. The Nerine I got for…not exactly sure now. But the other two look like they could be decent displays. Quote tj_han: this one could be a display in the living room without people knowing it’s from an anime. Quote weiye: That’s because it’s not.

Later in the day, I went down to KKnM. I admit I’m not sure what the place sells, and whether I would be interested in anything there at all. Not to mention that coming in late on the second day of the sale meant that pretty much all the good stuff were gone, without me even knowing what was good. Found a couple of things which I eventually bought (cost me $7.90, but the expensive stuff were either figures or gone.) A letter set with nice Erementar Gerad picutures on it which I bought for Kuea-san’s sake. (I don’t think this would fall under moe, because she doesn’t fit that category.) Then something from Mamotte Shugogetten (what is the exact spelling, actually?) which looks like a bag, but doesn’t seem to work like one, having no straps to carry it with. I eventually tied it to the window grilles.

While the Nerd Horde went of for the novel experience of counting down at the meido cafe, all I did was go for a BBQ party. (It’s so fun watching things burn…) Stayed late, went home late. Walked from Downtown East to the bus interchange, which was mostly empty, given that everyone was walking in the opposite direction. Reached home at almost midnight totally shagged (probably due to that wine I drank. One finger of wine must be alot.) and went to sleep. Which is why I’m writing this the morning after…


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KKnM has, outside figures, the best merchandise here in this country.

Comment by tj han

I expect so. However, most good stuff were gone by the time I reached there…

Comment by rdrake

Har har har. Underage drinking too desho? Xin nian kuai le~

Comment by elohir

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