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January 2, 2007, 2:05 pm
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Tomorrow being the first day of school is leaving my mind blank. No anime related post today.

Congratulations to Tsubaki for sorting out the mess with the troll Toshiaki and his animedeshodesho.com. Without further ado, I would like to roundly criticise Toshiaki for being such an ass and make a call for calm on all fronts of the anime community. Let’s just be glad it’s over and not do something stupid, ok?

I also figured something out. Initially, when I started this place up, I had intended for lots of colour, pictures, and stuff. Then over time I realized that I am teh phail at GFX…

So let me put this positively. Here’s the signboard of approval…

Lolz, isn’t it? Sadly, I don’t think this is going to help things much.


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lolol. Yes yes, you sir, have your priorities right. Good luck in JC.

Comment by elohir

Toshiaki is a total failure

Comment by TedFox

@Tedfox: Agreed. I really like the way things have bit him in the butt and he’s sponsoring ADD.com…

Comment by rdrake

String encountered at TPJC
Input line: rankendrake@hotmail.com
Data manipulation generated 2,240 traces
Logical thinking successfully yielded the correct url.
Output: “Hello! =) I found you.”

Comment by Irake

That was…quite…overdone.

I almost thought I got hit by a stalker till I recognised your email…

Comment by rdrake

Haha, nice signboard.
Oh and happy (belated) new year! Hope everything went well at school.

Comment by torpy

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