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Bring out the artillery!
January 4, 2007, 11:10 pm
Filed under: General Schtuff

Tj_han or Riuva fame is organising a CS session this saturday. I know most of you readers have probably already seen his notice, but just in case, I’m leaving this post here as a note and timely reminder.

For those who do not know, CS refers to the uberleet first person shooting game that revolutionized the industry years ago.

I’ll be going, sure. Those of you who want to find out my real identity are free to try find me and stalk me…ok, no, never mind the last part. Yes, I intend to go there and do some really stupid stuff…i.e, trying to kill snipers with a handgun…Hey, it works in anime, right?

Anyway, interested parties have to sign up by leaving a comment over at riuva. Do it here.


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CS is NOT leet D:

Comment by aurabolt

D: You’re going? I never knew! I wish I could go….

Comment by elohir

@aurabolt: Lol, I know that. Just that it sounds nicer this way. Of course we all know that Pangya is the most l337 of them all?

@elohir: You can’t? That’s pretty sad…

Comment by rdrake

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