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New Year’s Eve is crazy
January 1, 2007, 12:34 pm
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I started off waking up and going straight to Funan for Urban Attic’s crazy discount sale. I think I managed to reach there just at 10.30. Just in time to learn a lesson in life and economics. SINGAPOREANS ARE DAMN CHEAPSKATE!!! The shop opens at 11.30. And I see people queing up at 10.30. Hello! The rest of Funan is barely awake, and you’re queing up…

Well, DarkMirage was there, wearing his ‘I am DarkMirage’ shirt again. So was LianYL. Anyway, Weiye told the queing people to line up (yes, they weren’t exactly queing, they were just hanging around. But then, with no other shops open yet…) and brought us out to breakfast at Burger King. After returning to the shop, we waited some more for tj_han to take a taxi all the way from Bukit Timah because his new alarm clock has no snooze button and he woke up the same time I reached UA.

At roughly 11.30 ++, the sale finally started (without tj_han) and the first batch of customers stepped in. While DM and umhiko went off to hand out leaflets (tj_han has something interesting to say about this), I stayed behind and acted as the bouncer. Yup, I was the guy standing at the door, letting people in five at a time only.

Having seen the prices go up on a couple of the figures I had initially wanted (Nooo, the Lain and Tessa went up by $20 altogether), I stopped being proactive in reserving them. Big loss. Somebody grabbed them while I wasn’t looking. Some people also snapped up the two 1/6 Chidoris by Atelier Sai. I initially wanted that too, but it was probably the limited edition sticker doing the talking. I admit the translucent parts make her look fugly.

Halfway through the sale, people like Tsubaki and tj_han came along. Somehow everyone know who I am. Okayy…Alot of time spent talking cock while customers crawled the floor in search of good deals.

Anyway, the crowd finally petered out around 1.30 or so, and I finally got the chance to buy my own figures. First off, I got the 1/6 Black Tessa by Atelier Sai (which I had to buy halfway through the sale in fear of it being snatched by someone). Of the remaining stuff on the floor, there simply wasn’t much good stuff left nor anything I particualarly wanted. In the end, I took the 1/8 Nerine by Atelier Sai, Canvas 2’s Sumire Misaki by Toy Planning and something called Tenshino Onnako by Clayz. The Nerine I got for…not exactly sure now. But the other two look like they could be decent displays. Quote tj_han: this one could be a display in the living room without people knowing it’s from an anime. Quote weiye: That’s because it’s not.

Later in the day, I went down to KKnM. I admit I’m not sure what the place sells, and whether I would be interested in anything there at all. Not to mention that coming in late on the second day of the sale meant that pretty much all the good stuff were gone, without me even knowing what was good. Found a couple of things which I eventually bought (cost me $7.90, but the expensive stuff were either figures or gone.) A letter set with nice Erementar Gerad picutures on it which I bought for Kuea-san’s sake. (I don’t think this would fall under moe, because she doesn’t fit that category.) Then something from Mamotte Shugogetten (what is the exact spelling, actually?) which looks like a bag, but doesn’t seem to work like one, having no straps to carry it with. I eventually tied it to the window grilles.

While the Nerd Horde went of for the novel experience of counting down at the meido cafe, all I did was go for a BBQ party. (It’s so fun watching things burn…) Stayed late, went home late. Walked from Downtown East to the bus interchange, which was mostly empty, given that everyone was walking in the opposite direction. Reached home at almost midnight totally shagged (probably due to that wine I drank. One finger of wine must be alot.) and went to sleep. Which is why I’m writing this the morning after…


Gaia nuked my net!
December 29, 2006, 1:51 am
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ARRRRGGHH!!! First we get floods and monsoon rains that keep us at home. Then now earthquake in Taiwan kills the internet, leaving nothing to do at home.

I figured out the problem. Those of you Singaporeans out there reading this are most likely Starhub users. We Singnet users are still down…THAT’S IT! When I get my own computer, I’m suscribing to Starhub.

Ok, since my primary computer is down, I might not be able to do much online. Including posting here. Now that’s a bitch, especially since school starts in less than a week. I have no choice but to link out whatever I have to say…lol, outsourcing…

List of Urban Attic clearance sale items: Tsubaki, tj_han …Truthfully, I don’t have a list of my own. Maybe because I memorised all that I wanted long ago and never bothered Weiye for a copy of the list.

Weiye also promised Umehiko and I first pick off all the stuff…hmmm, I guess it not only pays to be a friendly, regular customer of his, but one who helps out with pre-sale preparations as well…

Also, Tedfox wants me to wear a sign so he can recognise me…Fine, I can do that much. Just so long as no one expects a professional looking custom T-shirt like DarkMirage has. Most likely I’ll have a piece of paper stuck to my back/bagor something.
What will it say? Let’s see…red and blue colouring at the borders for easy recognition. Words in black,…Ok, this place’s initial. R.A.R…that doesn’t sound cool enough…What if…
R.A.W.R. I’ll have to find a word for the W, but this works, doesn’t it?

Date confirmed
December 27, 2006, 8:38 pm
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Yes, It should be safe to say it now. The new date for Urban Attic’s clearance sale is on 31st December, New Year’s Eve. The price range is between $10 to $180. However, $180 is because of the four sets of Space Battleship Yamato on sale, so for all practical purposes, it’s $10 to $50. Yes, there will be limited edition stuff on sale as well…There certainly was alot of Black Kasumis…

Happy shopping, guys, it’s a good way to spend your money time on the last day of the year. Now I’ve got to try remember exactly what I want out of all the stuff I unpacked… I WANT TESSA!!!

 In other news, KKnM is also having a sale. 50% off. I’m not so sure about the details on that one though. Supposedly it’s also on this weekend or something…hmm, bad timing…

Merry Christmas Folks
December 24, 2006, 11:46 pm
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Well, it’s the time of the year again. You know it’s coming when Jpop singles start including Christmas music. Examples? FLOW’s COLORS included this song Love Dub while Nirgilis’ Snow Kiss had a X’mas version of Tokyo Hahen (from an earlier album).

Sadly, Weiye did not hold his anime figurine clearance sale as planned. Yea, the original date was supposed to be today, but he’s pushed it off. So that means that…no last minute Christmas gifts, lolz…Well, I’ll keep you guys updated on the new date, as soon as I’m allowed to publish it.

Well, instead of doing a possibly boring write-up on Christmas Eve, I decided to just do some reflections instead.

To tell the truth, this has been a somewhat busy year for me. Since it’s a crucial exam year, I had no choice but to devote more time to studies than to watching anime. Ditto for writing up posts here. Strangely though, I seem to have done more in the early stages of this blog which only started a few months ago, than during the holidays. (Truthfully, I’m not sure. But I think most of the anime related posts were early on).

I only realized what the heck was going on recently. It wasn’t just the exams. I was finding myself feeling pressured to find a way into the animeblogging community because of my natural instinct to try fit in. The whole issue was pressuring me somewhat and making me feel that anime was becoming something of a chore to handle alongside studies. To make things worse, I don’t do episode reviews, never have, and never will. Episode reviews are easy. The series reviews I do more are much harder, and also entail alot more memory work and anime watching. Basically, I ended up rushing myself in both work and play. Got to thank aurabolt for indirectly pointing this out to me when he decided to cut down on episode reviews himself, saying it was too stressful.

So now that things have slowed down somewhat during the holidays, I’ve thought the issue through. Since this place and all the other friendly bloggers are too important to me to just drop suddenly, I need a new direction for this place…

Simply this, if series reviews don’t come by easily, then I shouldn’t pressure myself to do them when there’s simply nothing to do. (We all know how long a series takes to end…) What I’ll be doing in the new year will probably entail something more along the lines of commentaries.

Issue or Idea from ??? anime

Seems simple enough, yet it’s not exactly something I see alot, browsing through my limited blogroll. What do I mean by Issue or Idea? Well, sort of like…never mind, wait till the first few posts come out and see for yourself.

Ok, that pretty much sounds like a new year resolution now, my goodness…

And that’s it for Christmas…Oh almost forgot. Weiye, the best shopkeeper I know, and proud owner of Urban Attic gave me something for Christmas. Megahouse’s RAH DX Lacus Clyne! Thank you so very much, Weiye! I promise to help out on the day of the sale! (Hopefully you rabid fanboys do not make me regret that by forcing me into security guard mode on that day.)

DarkMirage has one too, so I’ll piggyback his photos!

Oh, and that Kasumi he has in that same post? He might kill me, but Weiye is offering them at sale price…so DM has effectively paid alot more than those guys on the sale day…

…Ditto for his Holiday Saber…which will be going for $40…AHHH! Don’t kill me DM! *runs*

Urban Attic Clearance Sale!
December 21, 2006, 12:07 am
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Big news. Weiye of Urban Attic has announced that he will be having a major direction shift in his store. He’s going to cut down on figurines and start selling stuff like plushies. I wish him luck, and am not going to ruin his business by talking about it…hehe…

Ok, that’s not so newsy as the next bit. Obviously, for him to shift products, he needs to clear his storeroom first. You know the that locked room at the back? Yea, it’s chokingly full of figurines that he wants to be ridden of. And who is there to help him do that? (Rhethorical question…)

Well, Weiye has requested that we keep the date of his clearance sale secret for now, so keep checking back here for that date…Oh, and other reasons to visit? He might let Umehiko and I print out these groovy coupons which lets people jump queue and get better stock…Sure, that’s only a consideration right now, but…

Ok, now the nice part. Umehiko took some interesting pictures of ALL the stuff we unpacked and stocktook…

I still think the last one is the best…

Damn, the pictures are too large…Ok, I’ll post the links to the full photos instead. Warning, The file size might be a little big, wonder how Umehiko took such big ones….

First photo
Second photo

Third photo

Pre-vacation rushes
December 7, 2006, 1:00 am
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Well, today was the day I used to catch up with whatever anime/manga/figurine related issues I still have before I take off for Osaka. Sorry. This place doesn’t actually happen to be part of that list…

First up, I headed back to the Chuang Yi manga warehouse sale in an attempt to pick up some of those obscenely cheap VCDs. Unfortunately, my guess is that the sale of DVDs/VCDs was only on for mayb, the weekend. They were gone today, confirming a friend’s report that they were gone, and not all that likely to return. I suppose that it still is quite possible that it will return this coming weekend, but I’ll be gone before that. Now would be a good time to mutter several obscenities…

Since my shopping is pretty much done, ‘ll now announce the full haul…
1. Tenchi Muyo (English) 1-12end
2. Whatever books on Magic Knight Rayearth were around.
3. King of bandit Jing 1-7
4. Rahxephon 1-3end
5. Superpsychic Nanaki 1-3end
6. Zoids 1, 5
7. Voices of a distant star 1complete
8. Hayato the combat butler 1-7
9. Mystical Detective Loki 1-5

I think I’ll be lazy time-conscious since it’s past midnight now. I’ll put everything in a pile tomorrow and take one big photo…it’s going to be quite a pile, I guess…

Also, on my way back from Harbourfront, I stopped by at Dhoby Ghaut to try find this Sunshine Plaza place. Ok, successful, but only because of the helpful map at the MRT station. So I checked out La Tendo and the others…Fine, mainly La Tendo because they’ve got a sale on. Sadly, I saw little of interest. The Katase Shima (Stellvia) figure I noticed in a corner of Urban Attic was at a colossal price of $89. (Hey, I don’t have the same budget as other people. I already spent $83 on cheap manga…).

So on I went, over to Funan, thinking that I won’t be able to afford the same figure at Urban Attic either. Imagine my surprise when Weiye (the kind and noble guy who runs Urban Attic) mentioned that his was going for $30. 30 out of 89…hmm, almost one third the price. Ok, the box was slightly damaged at the top, looks like it may have been crushed, but for such a price difference, I can live with that…

Weiye says this figure happens to be his last piece and that he is desperately trying to rid himself of it. He appears to have alot of ‘last pieces’ though…(heard that? Bargain hunters?)

Oh, and his new namecards arrived or something. I think I’ll scan it in tomorrow…so funny…

Haruhiism is contagious: Sudden urge to splurge
October 27, 2006, 9:58 pm
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Sheesh, it’s a feeling that isn’t going to wash off anytime soon…

No pictures because I’m lazy. Sorry there, but there are already so many. tj_han, tsubaki, Alafista, these guys have plenty to refer to.
Yes, yes, Haruhi figurines are coming soon…Ok fine, not that soon, pre-orders are stopped, no thanks to over-demand.  Somehow I am so tempted to get this one. Pretty cheap (relatively speaking, of course), only 3990 yen. And for that nice, low price, Haruhi’s arm can apparently be switched to one with her holding her director’s loudhaler. Interesting…

And this news coming in the wake of my recent trip to Kinokuniya Bugis…where I saw the Haruhi artbook going for $28.80. (No need to remind me that I could have seen that price wrongly…again.) I don’t think I can afford to buy both the artbook and the figurine. Thank goodness the first 5000 of those figurines are already out…

 Looks like I’ll have to go to check the situation at Urban Attic. To think that I just bought Mina barely a week ago…