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So Gadget Trial = Sky girls?
September 16, 2006, 2:19 pm
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Well, since aurabolt went on to go do something up on the Sky Girls OVA, I decided to do up something on the related game…

Taadaa! Here we are. The related game at hand is called Gadget Trial. Basically, it’s a relatively simple Turn-based Tactical game. Sorta like Advance Wars. Actually, alot more similar than you think. I downloaded the demo for a try, and found it pretty interesting.

From a purely game concept and delivery point of view, this is mediocre. Look, I just compared a PC game to a GBA one…That alone is enough to say alot. But that’s just the game concept, the graphics are at least worth it.

Ok, graphics…What can I say? This game is a cross of Advance Wars and a all all female cast, and well, I’m not complaining…All playable characters are female…Makes for some audiences…Yes, especially with that feature to buy new uniforms…goodness, this is edging a little towards lolicon already….

All in all, not too shabby. The main problem I had with it was all in Japanese, a problem most readers here may have. At least I know Chinese, which helps. And because of that, I’ll be putting up a pictorial guide to the system soon. It’ll give picture by picture explanations of the functions like move, attack, save, and quit, etc, etc, etc…

Now that just leaves a few more things left. Screencaps. I’m pretty sure that’s what you want to see before actually deciding whether or not following up by downloading the demo version (it’s still up, by the way) and trying it out for yourself.

Characters from left to right>>>Izen, infantry. Yu-ri, artillery. Nei, calvary. Hisoka, naval.

And yes, you can’t forget the commander. Ever present whether in anime or games…I think I forgot one character… Oh, Souka, aircraft. Don’t worry, there’s a picture of her up there somewhere…One of the first few I think.

Well, that ought to cover everything I have to say for now. On to work on the pictorial guide…But before I go, I think I’ll leave a few more screenshots…


Not another ****ing ghost…
August 19, 2006, 11:16 am
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Well, I suppose it’s only right to talk a little more about any game that I start to ramble about…

As I said before, I’m currently playing this nice little game called F.E.A.R. Really interesting piece of work, I must say. It’s basically a first person shooter, except with a few nice tricks.

Game concept: Really quite ingenious. It’s a FPS with ghosts in it. Yea, like Fatal Frame but different. This time you fight more human enemies, while the ghosts are there to scare you. So far I haven’t met any hostile ghosts…(OK, one, but that’s during cinematics).

Next bonus under concept? Slo-mo. It’s basically something that comes out of playing a character with super-reflexes. Hit the control button and everything simply slows down for a short period. Not very long, but enough for you to kill maybe two or three enemies while they are still lining their sights on you. Of course you do slow down yourself, only your own brain is running at normal speed, but as I said. It’s good enough, and it’s fun.

 Graphics: Really cool. The cinematics aren’t much though. But it’s well made up for in the actual gameplay graphics. Now those, are good. Especially since the battle moves pretty quickly. The lighting is dark, and so you have to use a flashlight most of the time, but that’s not because of a attempt to hide bad environmental visuals.

Well, maybe I’ll do a better review when I actually finish the game…well, in that case, I’ll leave with a pic I randomly grabbed off the net.

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Coming soon…yeah, right.
August 6, 2006, 9:56 am
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This incoming week is practically holiday week, thanks to National Day. Well, that means the episodes of Haruhi I’ve been stocking up (still can’t believe the hyper download speed…) are going to come into play. I’ll write up some more stuff over the week.

 Also on the way are some write-ups on manga. Now that I’ve the time, I’ll be going to the shop to do some more reading. Most likely I’ll be having Speed Grapher,…then I don’t know what…I’ll see…

And the best for last. A write-up on a pc game. This time’s one is for F.E.A.R. A really good game I think. FPS meets horror. Managed to play up to Interval 3 so far, but watched others play to 7. Will go on play some more on my own and come back for the write-up. That’ll be all for today then.