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Stuff to sell
December 17, 2006, 4:17 pm
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Anyways, just a little regarding the items I brought back from Osaka to sell here.

First and foremost, the manga boxes which seemed in demand is no longer with me. Weiye kindly offered to buy them all off me and sell them himself. So this means that should you intend to go buy some, no need to approach me anymore, you can go straight to Urban Attic to get them. Here’s a sample picture of one:

No, the books don’t come with them…

Next, of the items I didn’t sell to Weiye are these interesting little plastic boxes for keeping little figurines. Not exactly very big, but there’s quite alot of stuff that may fit, like the small little ones that line the glass walls of La Tendo. Trying to sell these too, contact me if you’re interested. I’ve only got 2 or 3 left. Sample pictures:

Last group of items on the list is a set of music cds. All singles. I think I’ll sell them at 5 dollars each.

Get Wild – Tamaki Nami
Result – Tamaki Nami
STYLE~get glory in this hand~ – High and Mighty Color
Addicted to you – Utada Hikaru
Passion – Utada Hikaru
Be my last – Utada Hikaru
Bold and Delicous/PRIDE – Hamasaki Ayumi
Cragy Mama – hitomi

Oh, I almost forgot, I said I’ll scan in Weiye’s new name card. Ok, here it is, the back seems rather…unusual…


December 15, 2006, 9:49 am
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Ok, I’m at the Kansai International Airport right now, just waiting for my flight home to open gates. Sorry I haven’t been around for the past couple of days or so, but I switched hotels.

Lot’s of things seen and done the past week, I think, and most of my thoughts on them probably border on irrevalent. Example, I’m wondering why train interiors are pretty bare in anime while in reality, they are flooded with advertisments. Walls, doors, even hanging from the ceiling you find those ads. I must say though, that would probably be quite some work for anyone intending to draw them all…

Something else? The Japanese are far more high-tech than they let off. Heck, they’ve pretty much automated everything. Even to their toilets, with motion sensors for every sink…Remember the vending machines? I thought the hot soup one was pretty novel an idea, but the one that was selling T-shirts-in-a-can took the cake. Selling things like T-shirts from vending machines. Small wonder, though, from the people who invented the gachapon machine.

Ok, just a couple of stuff left to say. One, if anyone is interested in the manga boxes I’m bringing back to sell, I’ve got about 16 with me. What I need to know is how much you guys are willing to fork out for one. I’m thinking something between 2-3 dollars each.

Also, I’m intending to also sell some of the singles I bought over there to try cover part of the costs incurred on the trip. No time now, but I’ll most likely be over at the STAC Resolutions event tomorrow, and if you can find me somehow, we can talk.

ARGH, plane coming, will continue later.

Rush hour ni Youkouso
December 12, 2006, 6:39 pm
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Well, something about Japanese rail lines. Never take them during rush hour. It’s a painful experience…

Ok, short post till I edit later, but here goes. I went on a shopping trip in the Minami area of Osaka, and I found another music shop. No really cheap stuff this time, though, unless you’re looking for mostly non-anime stuff.

So there comes the problem. I have a really limited budget, and can only buy a few (read handfull) cds. I need to know exactly what to get…Things also depend on how much I can borrow, and if anyone is willing to put money down right now…

Top few choices right now?
1. Haruhi singles (Character discs 1-3, OP, ED)
2. Fate/Stay Night OSTs
3. Negima?! OP single
4. Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto OP single
5. Xenosaga 3 OST
6. Valkyrie Profile OST Silmeria side
7. Kanon OST vol2 (I think this would be for the old Kanon, not 2006)
8. Bleach movie OST
9. Bleach OPED single collection
10. Gundam Seed/ Destiny OPED collection
11. Final Fantasy 12 Limited Edition OST
12. Yakitate Japan OPED set
13. Super Robot Taisen OP single

Well, most of them cost between 1200 yen to 3000++ yen. I know I always do things on short notice, but yea, any help on what I ought to get first that you guys are sure to buy from me back in Singapore?

 Also picked up some very interesting little thingies. They’re supposed to be manga boxes. Made of some soft material, I think. You pack your manga into them, zip it up, then store the whole thing somewhere, without fear of dust attacking your precious manga…I picked up maybe 6-8 of them? I think I’ll keep one or two for myself, then sell the rest. I mean, look, the Chuang Yi manga sale just finished right? Most of you probably are getting headaches finding places to keep all the books you dragged home. Well, worry no more…

Anyway, I’m not sure, but I’m considering doing a little something. Charge a little extra over the cost of each item I bring back from Japan and sell. Then send the profits over to animeblogger.net or something. Must try to help out after all, real shame if people like Tsubaki have to close down out of a lack of effort.

Traveller notes part 2
December 11, 2006, 9:48 pm
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Well, today went to Universal Studios Japan (USJ). Nto much to write about there, so I’ll do something on earlier stuff…

What in Japan is hard to get used to? Three things. And they never seem so bad in anime…

1. Japanese railway lines are utterly confusing. They crisscross all over the place, turn here, turn there, consist of several different private operating companies…well, let’s just say that SBS and SMRT are small fry compared to this mess…
2. Japanese smoke alot. Terribly so. Everywhere you go, there’s somebody blowing smoke into your face. NOOO! I don’t want to die so early from passive smoking! I haven’t watched enough anime yet.
3. Japanese must really love their cell phones. Everyone seems to have one…and uses it alot. Example? Heck, at USJ, most people used their phones to take their photos. The remainder probably accounts for all the foreigners, so…Really brings to mind DarkMirage’s statement that every Japanese has a cellphone surgically attached to his/her hand…

And wow, these Japanese must be crazy. Whatever fits into a vending machine goes…that explains the plentitude of cigarettes…I mean, come on, is that a ice cream vending machine over there?

Ok, for anyone who thinks that manga is cheaper in Japan than back home? Forget it. Most likely applicable only to Americans. Asian publishing houses go for roughly the same prices. Average yen price of manga here is 500 yen upwards, UPWARDS. So forget it. 500 yen is roughly 6.75 SGD. Chuang Yi does stuff cheaper, and in a more accessible language too.
Then again, I was looking at the more quality, well-known stuff. Totally skipped over all that yaoi…OMG! There must have been more shelf space devoted to yaoi than normal stuff…

Hmm, looking from my Nirgilis covers, well, if there’s still anyone thinking that Nirgilis is a solo female artiste, you’re wrong. Nirgilis is actually a group. I suppose that easily explains a very distnctive music style, rather than simply a distinct voice. Well, anyway, their website is over at www.nirgilis.com.

Ok, that’s it for today. More tomorrow, hopefully…

Kansai reporting
December 10, 2006, 10:13 pm
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Ok, I managed to get some time to update things here in Osaka. Let’s see…damn, these Japanese keybnoards are crazy to use…

I should be able to check in here and around daily, since there’s a free to use computer with internet connection here in the hotel lobby…and also because the winter day in Japan ends at maybe 5PM…after that, there’s not much to do outside…

Well, first off, I’m based in Osaka, but have been travelling over pretty much all off Kansai. It’s quite amazing how the whole place is connected via railway lines. So far been to Kyoto to see kimonos, Nara to see the deer park, and Himeji (Kobe) to see Himeji-jyo. (That would be Himeji Castle). That should be about all the rail line travel there’s going to be. Rest of the trip will be within Osaka itself.

Food is good. So far I’ve had okonomiyaki, takoyaki, yakisoba (for Tsuruya-san!), tonkatsu, kare-raisu, udon…

Ok, skip to the good part then. At Himeji (and to think that that place is more of a tourist town, actually…), I found a nice little (ok, fine, it’s about the size of a supermarket already)shop selling used and new books/manga/games/music. First three choices are out, no thanks to language barriers, so of course I check out the music section. Found some (used?) discs going for ¥50 apiece, that’s like…SGD 0.70? All singles. Picked up a whole mass, but most of you probably recognise only a couple of them.

Honoh no tobira – FictionJunction YUUKA. From the cover, this came from Gundam Seed Destiny…most likely, I guess…

Snow Kiss – Nirgilis. YAY! The song that Tsubaki ranked top of ADD rawr’s ED pick of the month.

As I said, plenty more, but at that price…50 yen…oh my…Sorry, but I won’t be going back to Himeji, so try not start to bombard me with shopping requests, I don’t exactly have all that much money to blow anyway. But what I can do is to look out for stuff, and if within my means, yea, maybe I’ll be nice and help people buy stuff. Must be small items!

Leave any requests as comments…

Edit: Sorry, forgot to mention something. Purchase requests mainly available only to Singaporeans, unless one can come up with a satisfactory method of transfer…