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Hiatus? Maybe…
October 6, 2006, 4:42 pm
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Eh, yes, I might not be around for a while. So maybe I won’t be putting up any new posts, until mid-November maybe. Could be gone awhile. all because of the exam, see.

In other news. I want to rant against the Indonesians…Just give me a line or two, won’t take long. CAN’T YOU GUYS DO ANYTHING ABOUT THE HAZE?!!! I INTEND TO KEEP AS MANY OF MY BRAIN CELLS AS POSSIBLE! DON’T KILL THEM WITH YOUR GIANT BONFIRES!!

In any case, I’ve been going through quite a bit of manga recently. I’ve taken the time to go through almost 10 books of Shin Angyo Onshin. Mistake. Do not read Shin Angyo Onshin when you are tittering into depression. It’s not exactly very happy a series. It was just so emotional, and not just because certain people die and all that. It’s one big bandwagon of disillusionment in a country fallen into chaos…But enough of that. I want to read more before going on.

Also, in response to the latest hype over the new D-Grayman anime, I went over to the bookshop to read the manga. It caught my eye before, but not enough until now. Well, what can I say. It’s WAY better than Bleach at least. The art can get slightly messy, especially during action scenes, but that’s very well made up for by the sheer emotional play inside (which was sorely lacking in Bleach…). Also, it also pawns Bleach thanks to this simple equation. Linali>Orihime. Don’t kill me for that…