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Moving to a new home!
January 6, 2007, 12:02 am
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I’m in. Finally got myself into animeblogger.net. Now all I have to do left is to fix up the new place which is incidentally the hardest part. It mean that I probably won’t be posting anything here until renovations are complete, and only to inform you guys about that.

It’s been a good time here in WordPress. Yes, I say it’s quite alot better than many other blog sites, but AB.net’s community is very tempting and welcoming…If not for the fact that almost everyone is getting addicted to Pangya. Not that I mind, it’s a very nice game in it’s own right.


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rdrake, how’d you apply in animeblogger.net? do they also accept bloggers that aren’t into anime reviews but also gadgets or whatever in mind just like my blog?

Comment by Samejima

Er, you can try I guess…

Email maestro@animeblogger.net

You can try work things out with him. But it’s entirely up to him, though.

Comment by rdrake

Any word on the new link? ^^

Comment by Ronin

Yea, sure, it’s up, but I’m still working on it. Either way, just change wordpress.com to animeblogger.net to find it.

Comment by rdrake

hope u wont be gone too long 🙂

Comment by siding

I would say something like “Traitor”, but I can’t really blame you. Gourry, our little Dragon has left the nest. (sniff)

Comment by Sotanaht

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Comment by wallslarsen36518

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